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9 Best Things To Do in Dong Hoi


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The provincial capital of Quang Binh is Dong Hoi, which is located on Vietnam’s north central coast. With the Nhat Le River and lovely beaches in both the north and south, this region exudes a tranquil and soothing air. Today, Dong Hoi becomes a popular tourist spot, people should come here, to visit many more picturesque locations in Dong Hoi, such as Phong Nha National Park, the Tam Toa Church, Da Nhay Beach, the Dong Hoi Ancient Citadel, etc.

To give tourists a full view of what to do in Dong Hoi, Phong Nha Pioneer Travel lists 9 Best Things to do in Dong Hoi.



9 best things to do in dong hoi

Hang En Cave

En cave was formerly a storm shelter of Bru-Van Kieu people. Later, it was found and developed into an adventure tourist destination, attracting a large number of tourists to come and explore the greatness of nature. There are thousands of Swallows living and nesting here. And they live here all year round, that’s also why the cave is named Hang En which means “Swallow Cave”.

“En Cave” in Phong Nha National Park has a history of formation up to 3 million years. A long time with the impact of nature and geological changes, En Cave has a large size of 1,645 meters deep inside the giant limestone mountains with 3 main doors. The two-layer large door has a height up to 120 meters and a width of 140 meters, the second door comes up straight from the ground like a giant skylight to welcome shimmering sunlight and fresh air into the cave.

The largest place in the cave is about 110 meters in size with a 120 meters high ceiling dome, equivalent to a 40-storey apartment building. Surrounding the cave is a pristine, green primeval forest creating a magnificent scenery that you feel yourself so little between massive nature forest.


9 best things to do in dong hoi

Paradise Cave

For the outdoors lovers, the second thing listing in 9 Best Things to do in Dong Hoi is to grab a full day tour exploring Phong Nha Cave, Dark Cave and Paradise Cave.

The UNESCO-awarded caves of captivating Phong Nha National Park are the most popular destination in Dong Hoi and it should be one of 9 things to do in Dong Hoi. Visiting two caves of Phong Nha Cave and Paradise cave must be a thrilling adventure cave trip from Dong Hoi and it is the best way to uncover these amazing wonders.

Visit Phong Nha Cave with the highlight of taking boat trip to admire the scenery of lime stones mountains. Once you get in, let’s raise your surprise by saying “Wow” as the cave owns eternal charm that you find no where.

On the way to Paradise Cave, you can visit Dark Cave which the highlight of taking zipline ride over a turquoise-water river. Enjoy a captivating journey that ends with a mud bath which is healthy for you. And finally take a swim and play some water sports in the Chay river to cool down after the mud games.


9 best things to do in dong hoi

General Giap’s Tomb in Vung Chua – Dao Yen

Away 70 kilometers from Dong Hoi city, if you have time, let’s come to pay a visit to the General Giap’s Mausoleum.

The complex is located near “Yen Island” which is like a screen emerging in the middle of the sea, local people evaluate Yen Island’s as a screen to protect the mainland and the great army general of Vietnam – General Giap.

Vung Chua” is a beautiful land, in harmony with mountains and rivers. It has been a spiritual place since the pass away of General Giap. Standing on the top of Tho Son overlooking the sea, a peaceful and tranquil space, and that’s why General Vo Nguyen Giap chose this place to sleep peacefully.

Coming here, you seem to respect the great contribution of General Giap to the revolution and victory of Vietnamese people. He is the second most respectful person that you can come to admire and show your gratitude.


9 best things to do in dong hoi

Da Nhay Beach

Another great thing in 9 best things to do in Dong Hoi is to come to Rocky Beauty of Da Nhay.

Thus, Da Nhay or Jumping Beach Rock is the place for beach lovers coming to grab beautiful pictures for Instagram or Facebook.

Large rock formations protrude from the crystal-clear blue sea as a result of erosion. Every structure has a unique shape and flow of the tides change the color of the rocks, making Bai Da Nhay’s distinctive scenery beautiful for photographers.

Coming here, you not only enjoy the charm of this famous Rocky Beach of Da Nhay but also have a swim on this beach.


9 best things to do in dong hoi

Dong Hoi Ancient Citadel

Dong Hoi Ancient Citadel

So, Dong Hoi Citadel – a former citadel that once guarded the monarchs and the capital of the Nguyen dynasty from North and South Vietnam, is a part of the captivating tourist attraction in Dong Hoi city, central Vietnam. This iconic building is a fortification sight made of tall, magnificent red-brick walls and stone gates that is located in the center of Dong Hoi and facing the Nhat Le river. Coming here, you can enjoy a stroll along the moat and take in the breathtaking scenery as well as knowing the history of Dong Hoi city in the past.

Tam Toa Church

Tam Toa Church built by Fr. Claude Bonin for Catholics to travel there by sailing boats, thus it was erected on a little hill overlooking the stunning Nhat Le river bank.

“Tam Toa” is a name that means “Three towers.” “Tam Toa” Church was heavily destroyed by an American army rain bomb during the Vietnam War. Today, “Tam Toa” Church is still a source of great pride for Vietnam and it is viewed as a representation of the Vietnamese people’s ability to endure hardship in wartime.

Me Suot Statue

Located in Dong Hoi downtown, one of the tourist attractions in Dong Hoi that should be on the 9 best things to do in Dong Hoi is the statue of Mother “Suot”. Visiting the statue of Mother Suot will leave visitors with a lot of emotions.

The name “Me Suot” comes from the heroic mother Nguyen Thi Suot. During the years from 1964 to 1967of resistance against the US, Mother Suot bravely rowed her boats carrying goods, weapons and troops across the Nhat Le River for North Vietnamese soldiers.


9 best things to do in dong hoi

Quang Phu Sand Dunes Dong Hoi

Quang Phu Sand Dune is the most pristine sand dune in Quang Binh, unaffected by humans. When arriving at Quang Phu sand hill, anyone will be extremely impressed with the immense white sand dunes stretching endlessly.

Looking from above, it feels like this is a natural picture with many colors, in which the yellow color of the immense sand is the main color. The sand dunes are bumpy, overlapping, with a height of nearly 100m, sometimes dotted with the green of wild bushes, the deep brown color of dry branches. The scenery is wild, quiet, like being lost in the past, but also extremely charming.


9 best things to do in dong hoi

Nhat Le Beach Dong Hoi

Another thing in 9 Best things to do in Dong Hoi is to come to enjoy at Nhat Le Beach. Hence, Nhat Le Beach is one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in Vietnam, with its captivating beauty. This is truly one of the most beautiful places in the world, where the vast sandy beaches, along with the crystal-clear blue sea, stretching out to blend with heaven and earth. With the wild and poetic scenery of Nhat Le Beach, it is definitely a name in the list of fun places in Dong Hoi city that you should come.


9 best things to do in dong hoi

Dai Giac Pagoda

Dai Giac Pagoda is located in Duc Ninh Dong ward, in the heart of Dong Hoi city. This is the largest temple in Dong Hoi city. Since being built in 2010, Dai Giac Pagoda has become a spiritual place visited by Buddhists and locals to find a sense of peace mind and serenity after all the ups and downs of your life. In addition, you seem to know more Buddism in this country when visiting this peaceful place.


And finally, listing in 9 Best Things to do in Dong Hoi that you must do is to enjoy some local specialties. Here are some local food that you can try:

Chao Banh Canh (Chao Canh Rice Porridge Soup):

9 best things to do in dong hoi

Quang Binh Rice Porridge Soup

Fragrant, blending between spicy, sweet and rich broth. “Banh Canh” is made from rice flour, which is both chewy and soft. Chao Canh Porridge Soup is often served with fried spring rolls, hot fried ram. Juicy broth is usually simmered from pork bones or fish bones.

Chao hau (Oyster Rice Porridge Soup):

Oyster porridge is one of the specialties in Quang Binh that everyone loves. Oysters are taken from Nhat Le River with a juicy, fatty taste and especially contain a lot of nutrition.

Banh Khoai (Pancake):

Banh Khoai is made from rice flour, tapioca flour, and egg yolk. The filling includes bean sprouts, meat, and shrimp. Pancake Quang Binh cake is usually eaten with raw vegetables and herbs. The typical flavor of Pancake is created by the dipping sauce. The greasy dipping sauce here is made from pork liver with crushed peanuts and sliced ​​chili.


9 best things to do in dong hoi

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