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Adventure 7000m Paradise cave


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Quang Binh is like a monumental picture. It has forests and seas with many majestic natural and famous landscapes: Ngang Pass, Nhat Le Beach, Da Nhay, especially Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park which is known as World Natural Heritage Site. With more than 300 large and small caves, Phong Nha is known as the “Kingdom of Caves” in Vietnam, it contains amazing beauty of nature.

Paradise Cave 1-day tour program will help you explore the famous longest cave in Asia – Paradise Cave. Thus, this Paradise Cave one day from Dong Hoi help you have memorable experiences about the land of Laos wind, white sand beaches. So, Phong Nha Pioneer Travel organize 1 day tour to to adventure 7000m Paradise Cave at a cheap price but still guarantee the best service for you.



Amazing Paradise Cave

In the morning, the guide and driver from Phong Nha Pioneer Travel will come to pick you up at the hotel in Dong Hoi city or in Phong Nha, then we start adventure 7000m Paradise Cave Tour. Hence, we will follow legendary Ho Chi Minh trail and directly transfer you to Phong Nha National Park.

On arrival, we get transfer by golf cart to the cave foot. From here, we will walk up roughly 500 steps to the entrance of the Paradise cave. The guide will briefly tell you the tour program then we follow the wooden platform with railings to discover the first kilometer of Paradise cave. As you enter the cave, visitors can freely admire stunning, visionary system of stalactites and stalagmites along the way. Many tourist say this cave looks like an imperial palace of the Emperor underground. When we reach the end of the wooden platform, there is a gate and we will begin our trek through the cave.

In the next 3.5 km of the trekking, we keep walking through the cave and our next stop is Bat cave with lots of them handing down from ceiling. And there are two streams joining together just 200 meters away from here with nice wind breeze coming out from the cave. We will then choose good spot for photograph at the 4th kilometer of our journey.


Inside Paradise Cave – Phong Nha Park

Following up, we then kayak through narrow ceiling with scaling rocks. There is one section with deep water and low ceilings so you must swim through it. Other sections require crouching lower to avoid hitting your head or stable footing on wet rocks. The entire time, as you are inside the cave, the only light is your headlamps and the only sound is water running or dripping and the people around you. 

At the end of the 7th km, there is a hole in the ceiling of the cave that lets light in. It’s an incredible reward for the journey. And the tour is completely mesmerizing. Right here is the harmony between the heaven and the earth, when it is all mixed up, everything will grow up. And some sunlight from cave ceiling illuminating to the ground looks like halo of the universe. What an amazing scene! Visitors can spend time swimming in the stream or just simply watch fishing go by in the water.

Finally, we enjoy our lunch here and after that we follow the same way back to the parking lot. Our adventure 7000m Paradise Cave Tour will come to an end here.



Amazing creation of the nature at Paradise Cave

As you know, Phong Nha Cave, which was formerly thought to be the longest cave in the Phong Nha Ke Bang national park, has been surpassed by Paradise Cave. For the daring caver, this  adventure 7000m Paradise Cave Tour gives a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel 7000 meters deep into the cave.Thus, when you join in this Paradise Cave Tour from Dong Hoi, it brings about the utmost challenge of yourself, overcoming rocky pathways and swimming through narrow hole with low ceiling. Finally, all you get is complete creation of the nature.





Inside the cave

So, if you come to Dong Hoi city and would like to book Thien Duong (Paradise Cave) Tour, kindly contact us at or call us/whatsapp us at 0084 979613777 for more details and assistance. We are honored to help you and always at your service.


Tour inclusive

– Hotel pick up and drop off

– English speaking guide

– Entrance ticket

– Cold water and wet tissue

– Lunch

Tour exclusive

– Travel insurance

– Other expenses

– Soft drinks and beverages

– Tips and gratuities

Things to bring

Fully charged camera;  Sun cream; Climbing shoes; Caps/hats;  Sun glasses; Insect spray        


Travel tip

In case of bad weather, the tour will be canceled for the customers’ safety.




Eternal beauty of Paradise Cave

If you travel to Phong Nha National Park and would like to find a professional tour operator for Tour Paradise Cave 7000m, do not hesitate to contact us as follows:

Phong Nha Pioneer Travel


Whatsapp/Viber: 0084 979613777 (Mr.Viet)

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