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Half Day Hoian Countryside Bicycle Tour


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Half Day Hoian Countryside Bicycle Tour 1

Discover the fascinating cultural treasures and stunning scenery of Cam Kim Island with the Hoi An Half Day Bike Ride Tour. Take a leisurely bike ride through lush rice terraces to experience the peaceful cadences of rural living. See firsthand the abilities of local artists as you learn the traditional techniques for creating rice paper and weaving sleeping mats. Savor the tranquility of a buffalo ride and embrace the classic allure of this historic means of transportation.

Continue on your journey to Tra Que Vegetable Village, where you may sample the freshness of locally grown produce and learn the secrets of organic farming. This interactive experience offers a peek into the everyday life of Hoi An’s friendly locals in addition to showcasing the city’s rich heritage. This half-day excursion is ideal for tourists looking for genuine cultural experiences because it leaves you with amazing memories in the middle of Vietnam’s picturesque countryside.


4 Hour Hoian Countryside Bike Tour

Hoi An Countryside: The Best Cycling Tour in Hoian

Pick up

We will come to pick you up then commence our 4 – hour Hoian Countryside Bicycle Tour.

Cam Kim Island

Crossing metal Cam Kim island and visit some of traditional jobs made by the local people

Rice noodle making

Step into the local home and see different steps in making ride noodle, have a seat to watch them and then do it yourself to learn how to do it as well as learning to cut rice threads into rice noodles. Enjoy a bit of snacks from them and know their daily living, sharing with them your ideas and feeling.

Wood carving factory

Continue our Hoian Cycling Tour with a short visit to a wood carving factory. So, we wander around in few shops and see how they focus on carving such intricate wood work, watching the man inlay with mother of pearl. Then, you can sit down and carve your name on a piece of wood to bring home.

Sleeping mat weaving

Half Day Hoian Countryside Bike Tour

Learn how to weave sleeping mats

We continue our Hoian Bike Tour passing by the local homes. Here and there, you are greeted by the local kids going home saying hello to you.

Arrive at a local home, have a talk and see them making sleeping mat by hands. Thus, they will tell you steps in weaving them, following with an example of making by you giving you such a close up experience to local culture.

Buffalo ride

We are then leaving the rustic village of Cam Kim, heading to Tra Que hamlet. On the way, you will meet a local farmer with his home raised water buffalo. Jump on the buffalo and have a nice funny buffalo riding that you have ever had.

Tra Que Vegetable Village

Half Day Hoian Bicycle Tour

Tra Que Vegetables Village

Pass by the organic farm of Tra Que, enjoy a cup of lemon basil tea before the guide will show you around the garden with various kinds of vegetables grown here. Participate in hoeing the soil with local farmer, learn how to grow the herbs then water the garden by hands are the things you can do.

Drop off

Eventually, our guide will escort you back to the hotel. Thus, our Half Day Hoian Countryside Bicycle Tour is ended here.


Half Day Hoian Cycling Tour

Fun ride on water buffalo

Experience a beautiful blend of natural beauty, cultural immersion, and active exploration with the 4-hour Hoi An Countryside Bike Ride Tour. You’ll be enthralled with the verdant scenes of rice fields and winding rivers as you bike through the quaint countryside, creating a gorgeous backdrop for your journey. See the locals going about their everyday lives and get a real taste of Vietnamese country life. Admire age-old crafts like mat weaving and rice paper production, and learn about methods that have been passed down through the decades.

As you ride down serene paths, away from the bustle of the city, take in the serenity and quiet of the countryside. Finish your trip with a revitalizing trip to a vegetable village, where you may discover organic farming methods and maybe even try some just produced vegetables. This immersive tour ensures a memorable day in the picturesque countryside of Hoi An by providing the ideal mix of activities and rest.


Half Day Hoian Countryside Bicycle Tour 2

Keep biking everyday to maintain good health

Healthy Exercise:

Cycling around Hoi An is a low-impact aerobic workout that enhances muscle strength, endurance, and heart function. It reduces the fatigue of traveling so many days by car and it is the best way for your early morning excercise.

Scenic Exploration:

The gorgeous countryside of Hoi An provides unmatched chances to fully immerse oneself in breathtaking natural settings, such as rice terraces, verdant greenery, and serene waterways. Therefore, Half Day Hoi An Countryside Bicycle Tour enables you to fit and relaxed as well as looking out massive Hoi An’s picturesque countryside that you won’t see from the hotel.

Cultural Immersion:

Riding a bicycle gives you the opportunity to engage with the local villagers and observe their customs and everyday activities up close, which helps you develop a greater respect and knowledge of Vietnamese culture. It helps you grab more the rich local culture, the friendliness of Hoi An people, sharing your heart with the hardship of the local Vietnam and it is the best way to teach your children about another country’s culture.


Half Day Hoian Countryside Bicycle Tour 4

Learn how to do wood carving in Cam Kim Island

  • Despite being one of the safest cities in Vietnam for cyclists, Hoian’s main roads are more busy and clogged. Kindly follow the instructions of your local guide when riding bike.
  • For safety, always engage the bikes’ front and rear brakes. For the road that you can not drive, let’s jump off the bike and walk across the road.
  • To be safe, ride your bike on the right side of the road and in close proximity to the pavement and follow the traffic rules in Vietnam.
  • For safety, let’s wear bike helmets to maintain a successful bike journey with us.
  • Bikes should always be locked when left unattended.


Half Day Hoian Countryside Bicycle Tour 5

Tourists happy with cycling tour in Hoian

Price per person

35$USD (thirty five American dollars)


  • Regular bike with helmets
  • Tour guide
  • All entrance tickets
  • Sightseeing Cam Kim, Tra Que Village, Buffalo Ride
  • Water


  • Personal expenses
  • Travel insurance
  • Beverages and soft drinks
  • Tipping for the local people and tour guide
  • Things that not mentioned above


Half Day Hoian Countryside Bicycle Tour 3

Learn how to make rice paper and noodle

Cam Kim

Reaching Cam Kim islet, you’ll find a pace of rural life, transporting you far from the crowded streets of Hoi An. Here, people work on building wooden boats in tiny workshops, cultivate vegetables by hand, and engage in other ancient skills that have been passed down through the ages.

Here, you will enter the homes of the people living there and observe them creating things by hand, like rice paper, sleep mats, basket boat weaving, and wood sculptures are the highlights of Hoian Bicycle Trip.

Cam Thanh

The rice paddies, lakes, canals, and rivers encircle the settlement of Cam Thanh. Beautiful rice fields, serene country lanes, and herb gardens with sweet potato, corn, peanut, and betel nut plants can all be found there. The village provides a genuine glimpse of Hoi An’s rural life as it is surrounded by shrimp farms and nipa palm woods. Here, you stray from the trail and discover Thanh Dong Organic Farm or An My Vegetable Village while learning about the village’s past.

Tra Que

riding a bicycle through the village of Tra Que and stopping at organic herb gardens. It will be intriguing to travel by lotus ponds, fish ponds, rice fields, and the historic tombs of Japanese merchants. Take a moment to observe the men sitting atop water buffaloes, learn about the cultivation of rice, and snap as many pictures as you like.


Phong Nha Pioneer Travel

PPT: The Best Travel Agent for Bike tours in Hoian

If you come to Hoian and look for the best travel agency arranging Hoian Countryside Bike Tour, kindly contact as follows:

Phong Nha Pioneer Travel (a member of Premium Travel Vietnam Co., Ltd)


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Question (Q): How long is the bike ride?

Answer (A): It is a half day trip so it is roughly 4 hrs.

Q: What happens if it rains?

A: If you already booked the trip and it rains, Phong Nha Pioneer Travel will inform you by whatsapp number +84 979613777 so we can move the trip to another day.

Q: What should I bring?

A: It will be an outdoor activity so let’s wear long sleeve shirt and pant to avoid the sun. In addition, you can wear the hat and bring sun lotion as well as insect spray.

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