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Phong Nha – Paradise cave tour


Time : One day

Departure day : Everyday

Vehicle : Car/Van/Bus

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Phong Nha cave is a part of Phong Nha National Park with an area covering 200.000 ha formed millions years ago and it was listed as World Heritage on July 5th 2003. The feature of Phong Nha cave is lime stone rock formations millions years ago with many types of caves, grottoes, underground rivers, diversified fauna and flora system. Phong Nha cave is 7.729m long with 14 caves, the longest underground river is 13.969m. Phong Nha is the meeting point of all the best and where your imagination comes out to the most.

And Paradise cave helps you discover the longest dry cave in Asia. The winding roads on the way lead  you to the site are amazing: lime stone mountains come out in front of you, you sometimes come across seeing cows wandering around or pretty Catholic churches on the way. The Paradise cave was found in 2005 by a local man and it drawn an attention from domestic and international scientists, explorers, archeologists. The cave has a length of 31.4 km and the width is 30m to 100m. The cave has spectacular, splendid and visionary rock formations and thus called the paradise cave. So in order for you to visit these two famous caves in one day, Phong Nha Pioneer Travel organize Phong Nha Paradise Cave Tour.


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