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Phong Nha transfer to Da Nang


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In the morning, we pick you up at the hotel in Phong Nha then we directly transfer you to Da Nang. The drive is roughly 6 hours and we will travel with you by our private car. On the way, you will have an option to stop at many famous historical sites from Phong Nha to Da Nang. Our first stop at Ben Hai River and Hien Luong Bridge. Located in Hien Luong Village, Vinh Linh District, Quang Tri Province; the river was terribly suffered by a lot of damages, pain and hurt in the war time. In the historical treaty signed by Geneva Accords in 1954, Ben Hai river on the 17th parallel was chosen as a temporary division which divided Vietnam into 2 parts: North Vietnam and South Vietnam for military regrouping purposes. Therefore, Hien Luong Bridge was also divided into two parts, each part serving as a border gate. Today, Hien Luong bridge and Ben Hai river become the famous historic landscapes of Quang Tri province and a must visit place in DMZ area for travelers.

The next stop is Doc Mieu Military bases that are located on the east of 1A National Highway, in Gia Phong village, 3 km from the north of Gio Linh district. The bases are on a red basalt hill where the French colonialists built a military base on the 1A National Highway, known as Ba Doc in 1947. After 1954, when American invaded the South, they wanted to make Doc Mieu become the largest military base in Gio Linh district. The base was part of a modern sophisticated electronic system called Namara’s line in order to stop all aids from the North to the South in 1967-1970. Nowadays, Doc Mieu Bases becomes a valuable historic relic attracting many tourists to Quang Tri.

You also get to visit Quang Tri Citadel which is situated on the bank of Thach Han River in the center of Quang Tri Town. The citadel was built by Gia Long King’s order in 1809. The Quang Tri Citadel was a witness to a bloody battle here with thousands of national soldiers and local people. During 81 days and night (from 28/6 to 16/9/1972), hundreds tons of bombs from American poured down, nearly leveling the ancient citadel as well as Quang Tri Province. Quang Tri Citadel is a special national relic attracts not only veterans but also tourists from all over the world.

After that, we follow a by pass of Hue to go to Da Nang city – known as the best place to live in Vietnam. Da Nang is one of the largest cities of Vietnam and becomes a hub of economy, science, technology, education ect. Da Nang is attracting lots of visitors from China, Korea, Japan thanks to its beautiful landscape such as: Marble Mountains, Ba Na Hills, Linh Ung Pagoda.

We will be heading to Lang Co town and have a short stop for you ta have a rest and take some of photos of Lap An lagoon. The following is a smooth, nice drive through Hai Van pass – the pass of the ocean clouds. The pass is dividing Hue and Da Nang into 2 parts and it gets misty in months of November, December, January. Then we top in the top of the road where American bunkers, brick towers are located. We then have a rest and have a panoramic view of Da Nang bay before we go back down and heading to Da Nang city. Our private car will drop you off at your hotel in Da Nang and the tour ends here!

How interesting phong nha transfer to da nang is?

The tour helps you discover how pretty Vietnam is on the way. From rice fiels to sand dunes and villages as well as the daily life of the local people. Besides, the trip is aimed to provide you more information about Vietnam war by visiting some of the war relics such as Hien Luong bridge, Ben Hai river, Doc Mieu bases. Another part added to this tour is a very smooth drive through one of the nicest passes in Vietnam – Hai Van pass. With snaky pathways and a panoramic view of the whole area, the drive is a must do thing for visitors.

How to book phong nha transfer to da nang?

If you would like to be assisted and advised about this tour, kindly contact us at or reach us via mobile at 0979613777. It is our pleasure to assist you.

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