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phong nha transfer to hue program

Pick you up at the hotel in Dong Hoi city or Phong Nha National Park then transfer you to Hue. The trip is approximately 4 hours and our next stop is Vinh Moc tunnel. The local people of Vinh Thach commune in Vinh Linh district built it from 1966 to 1967 for them to stay and hide inside. The area around Vinh Moc was heavily devastated by the war as the place was the frontline of North Communist in Vietnam war. On average, an individual suffered from 7 tonnes of bombs of all kinds making Vinh Linh death land in the war. The tunnel was very well designed with 6 doors open to the sea and the 7 others open to the hill. And it has system of food storage, maternity room, medical clinic, meeting hall, watching station. Especially, 17 children were born inside the tunnel. The tunnel was the evidence for the endurance, bravery of Vietnamese people in the war. Following the tour by a short drive to Ben Hai river that was the temporary division between North and South Vietnam. The river is just 100m but it eyewitnessed the desire of Vietnamese people to unite the country. Lots of lives have fallen down and many families on two sides of the river had been separated for many years. On arrival, we will be wandering around DMZ to visit Flag pole, Museum “desire to unify the country”, old Hien Luong bridge and watching station and propaganda speakers.

Then we continue our trip to local restaurant for lunch then our next visit is Quang Tri Citadel. It was built in 1809 by Emperor Gia Long as a defensive system for royal family in Hue from the north. Later, the Citadel spectatored the fierce battles between North Vietnam and America from June 28th to Sep 16th in 1972. The battles around the Citadel were regconized as one of cruel battles in Vietnam war. Thousands of lives have perished and merged with land. At arriving, the guide will summarize the tour you then we will visit a center museum, followed by a stroll around the site for photos and pay respect at the war memorial.

Finally, our guide and driver will take you to Hue and drop you in a hotel here. The tour will end here.

How interesting phong nha transfer to hue?

In this trip, visitors have many chances to know about Vietnam war. By visiting 3 well known places in Quang Tri province such as Vinh Moc, DMZ and Quang Tri Citadel, we have an overview of the war around DMZ in 1970′. And we know about heroic people who have sacrified for the independence of the country.

How to book phong nha transfer to hue?

If you show your interests in this trip, kindly contact us at or reach us via mobile at 0979613777. We feel grateful in serving you.

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