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Marble Mountain Hoi An Afternoon Trip from Da Nang


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Marble Mountain Hoi An Afternoon Tour From Da Nang

Marble Mountains Hoi An Afternoon Tour: It is a must – do trip for everyone

Da Nang is just 45 minutes drive from Da Nang. Arrival in Da Nang, it will be a huge miss that you do not come to Hoi An to satisfy yourself in the world of lanterns in Hoi An. Strolling in an atmosphere of Hoi An’s tranquil town in late afternoon, visiting some of Hoi An’s historical buildings and enjoy the marvelous setting of Hoi An’s river that is filled with dozens of lantern boats. To give guests a general trip in the afternoon, exploring two of the famous landmarks in Da Nang, Hoi An’s areas, Phong Nha Pioneer Travel organizes Marble Mountain Hoi An Afternoon Trip from Da Nang.

Thus, set out on a magical afternoon excursion to Marble Mountain in Hoi An from Da Nang, you will admire its historic marble caves, which include beautiful carvings and an ethereal atmosphere. Climb to calm Buddhist temples that are surrounded by beautiful vegetation and provide opportunities for introspection and peace. Explore the historical town of Hoi An after that, where you may still feel time standing still among the famous Japanese Bridge and old merchant homes. After a day of discovery and amazement in central Vietnam, when you immerse yourself in the enchanting glow of Hoi An lanterns as dusk falls. These lanterns illuminate the streets with brilliant colors and cultural depth.


Marble Mountain | A S | Flickr

Pick up:

At around 15:00, our guide and driver will come to collect you at your hotel and then we begin the tour.

Marble Mountains Visit

Arrival at Marble Mountains, take the elevator up and wander around and visitors will witness some of Da Nang’s oldest Buddhist temples, largest grottoes, most revered local shrines, picturesque vistas, and historic trees around the summit of Marble Mountains. The trip includes a vantage (Vong Hai Dai – River Watching Tower) from where one may see all of the mountains.

Sightseeing Huyen Khong cave which is around 25 meters in circumference and has a bell-like shape. It is among the Ngu Hanh Son complex’s largest, airiest, and most exquisite caves. The dome of the cave is open to the outer world, creating a glittering sight as light streams in. enchanting spirit.

Reaching the cave, the guide will tell you stories of what happened back to 1960′ when the cave was served as the hiding place for soldiers and Viet Cong guerillas.

Hoi An Town City Tour

The boat Hoi An, Vietnam | Hoi An a port town in south centr… | Flickr

On arrival in Hoi An, our Marble Mountain and Hoi An Afternoon Trip in 4 hours from Da Nang continues with a guided walking tour.

So, Hoi An was the busy trading port by the Thu Bon river of Southeast Asia’s best-preserved trading town. This global center of trade, which flourished from the 15th to the 19th century, attracted traders from many countries, including China, Japan, the Netherlands, Portugal, and more. Although Hoi An lost its significant importance at the end of the nineteenth century, the locals’ architectural legacies and culture have persisted to this day.

Thus, our local guide suggests additional highlights so that visitors can experience the town from a variety of angles. You can have an opportunity to visit a Chinese Temple, an Old House, Japanese Bridge and Hoi An market and so on. While strolling through the lantern-lit streets, there are several opportunities to take pictures, sample the street cuisine, and purchase trinkets on your own.

Hoi An Lantern night and lanterns, night market

Wooden Tourist Boats with Bright Colorful Lanterns on Thu … | Flickr

One of Hoi An Old Town’s night time highlights is to have some time walking around on your own, offering plenty of chances to snap photos and purchase mementos to take home. It is optional to take a lantern boat ride to view the river’s sparkling display of lanterns. Besides, you can go to Night Market in Nguyen Hoang street and buy something for your family, take pictures with lantern hanging in front of store with only 10.000 VND per person.

Free time

You can have some free time on your own to do things what you like.

Drop off

At around 20:30, our vehicle will drop you off at the hotel. Thus, our Marble Mountains Hoi An Afternoon Tour from Da Nang will be coming to end here.


Bridge of Light crossing the Thu Bon River with many Touri… | Flickr

With our knowledgeable tour guide, we will go on for Marble Mountain and Hoi An Excursion from Da Nang in the afternoon. Our in-depth expertise and perceptions enhance your exploration by revealing undiscovered treasures and fascinating tales in Marble Mountains, telling some of interesting stories about Buddism in Vietnam. Furthermore, he will escort you to every place of Marble Mountains telling you about the war back to 1960′.

Hoi An is a magical lovely town at night. Through guidance of our expert local guide, you will explore as much as you can when entering some of the historical buildings that built by the traders when the town was the trading port. In addition, he will give you an intense story of these historical spots and you will realize how the local people live in Hoi An.

Another marvel to one of the nicest Chinese temples and a visit to the famous Japanese Bridge and twinkling town of Hoi An at night. All with their knowledge, every step in this journey turns into a cultural and historical adventure, making your stay genuinely unique.


Huyen Khong cave temple, Marble Mountains, Vietnam | Flickr

Marble Caves Exploration:

If you are the first time traveler to Da Nang city, it is a great chance for you to visit the Marble caves at Marble Mountains. Thus, you can grab some mystical atmosphere when visiting the caves here.

Buddhist Temples:

Marble Mountains are not just the marble, but when you join this tour, you’ll understand more Buddism in Vietnam when exploring some of the temples here such as Xa Loi Temple, Linh Ung, Van Thong, Huyen Khong; especially Tam Thai which is one of the oldest ones in Da Nang city.

Panoramic Views:

Hence, you can climb to the summit of Marble Mountain for breathtaking vistas of the surrounding coastline and countryside. From beach watch tower or river watch tower, you can overlook the view of Non Nuoc Beach or the whole view of Marble district.

Hoi An Ancient Town:

The historic city of Hoi An in late afternoon or night time will be the highlight of the trip as you wander the peaceful roads of Hoi An looking at some well preserved buildings. Especially, when the Sun goes down, the city has a vibrant, colorful street road with all lights of lanterns in different colors making you feel like in Venice town of Italy. Visiting some of Chinese temples, Ancient houses and know of stories of the former merchants when they came here for trading in the past.

Hoi An Lanterns Town:

No elsewhere has more lanterns than Hoi An. Thus, you can be filled with all lanterns and lights, especially when you take the lantern boat on the Hoai river and watch the scenery of the town in the night time on two banks of the river.


File:Động Huyền Không.png - Wikimedia Commons

Marble Mountains

It has many steep steps at Marble Mountains. It is advisable to wear shorts when touring. Please take insect spray and watch steps as they are quite high and slippery, especially when in rainy season lasting from September to end of February.

Hoi An Ancient town

Hoi An can be busy and crowded in the night time as lots of tourists come out at night. On the weekends, it can be more busy. When visiting Hoi An in rainy season, you can take umbrella or rain jackets with you. The rest of the year is quite warm and humid so carry a hand fan or light clothes will help you a bit.

Hoi An is quite touristic town and there are many vendors selling things and souvenirs. It is smart to bargain to buy from them and try to avoid buying at a higher cost.


Hoi an ancient town Vietnam | Hoi an ancient town Vietnam | Flickr


For the best quote of Hoi An Town Marble Mountain Tour from Da Nang, please contact Phong Nha Pioneer Travel at email or whatsapp Mr. Viet (Manager) at +84 979613777. We have both options of Private Tour and Shared Group Tour.


  • Tour guide
  • Entrance tickets
  • Private vehicle
  • Water and tissues


  • Personal expenses
  • Tipping for guide and driver
  • Lantern boat and candle dropping on river
  • Soft drinks and beverages


Phong Nha Pioneer Travel

Phong Nha Pioneer Travel: The Best Travel Agent in Danang

So, if you come to Da Nang city and look for professional travel agent that organizes Marble Mountain Hoi An Afternoon Trip from Da Nang, kindly contact us as follows:

Phong Nha Pioneer Travel (a member of Premium Travel Vietnam)


Whatsapp: +84 979613777 (Mr. Viet)



Hội An lantern festival | Raita Futo | Flickr

Question (Q): How long is the tour?

Answer (A): The tour is from 3 p.m till 8:30 p.m

Q: How do I wear for the trip?

A: Travelers must wear appropriate clothing since they will be visiting Buddhist temples, pagodas, and religious sites during the tour. Travelers should wear clothes that covers their knees, navel, and armpits in particular. However, this rule is not applied in Hoi An.

Q: What are Hoi An’s local food?

A: They are Cao Lau, Chicken Rice, Wonton, Dumplings, White Rose Cake, Spring Rolls and so on

Q: What are the best restaurants in Hoi An?

A: They are Morning Glory, Cargo Club, Vy’s Market, Mango Rooms, Mai Fish and so on

Q: How long Hoi An Night Market open till?

A: Hoi An Night Market is open until 23:00 o’clock every night.

Q: When does Hoi An Night Market open?

A: Hoi An Night Market is open from 17:30 o’clock

Q: Can Marble Mountain be suitable for elderly?

A: Marble Mountains have many steep steps so it is advisable to take precautions and might just use the elevator both ways for convenience.

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