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My Son Sanctuary Marble Mountains Private Day Tour from Da Nang


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Best Day Tour explore Hindu as well as Buddist Temples from Da Nang city

Marble Mountains My Son Day Tour From Da Nang

The Marble Mountains and My Son Sanctuary, which offer a captivating fusion of natural splendor and historical history, are unmatched jewels close to Da Nang. Thus, the Marble Mountains are home to breathtaking limestone structures, cave temples, and expansive vistas; the elaborately carved ruins of My Son Sanctuary whisper secrets of the Champa civilization. These locations, which captivate tourists with their beauty and historical significance, offer an immersive journey across Vietnam’s cultural and natural legacy on a day tour departing from Da Nang. This tour is the ideal day trip for individuals who are looking for both adventure and enlightenment, as it perfectly combines the artistic qualities of nature with human innovation.

Tour Itinerary


Pick up

We then come to collect you at the hotel and then we will begin the trip.

Travel to My Son Sanctuary:

On arrival in My Son Holy Land, we then get a free golf cart transfer then we are brought inside the jungle. Take a walk in 10 minutes and we will reach the Hindu complex.

Visit groups of B,C,D,A,G,E,F

Arriving inside the temples, the knowledgeable tour guide will escort you around the valley of My Son, visiting some of the best Hindu temples which were built by the Cham people. Admire the artistic technique of the people of Cham in building the temples without the use of mortar or cement.

Get deep inside the Cham culture and know a lot more about Hinduism. Although the temples ruined by the time and the weather but they are still standing with time, demonstrating the rich culture and the cultural exchange between the Cham culture and Indian one.

Admire the beautiful architectures as well as the talent of the Cham people at the main area before the guide escorts you to group A, following with sightseeing group G and E, F. Thus, you seem to know all about the Cham culture, the mystery of choosing the land to build, the harmony between the daily life of local people and the God. All remind you of the former lost glorious civilization in central Vietnam back to the old days.

Enjoy the Cham performance

At the end of the trip, we will come and enjoy the Cham dance show in order to make you get more insight into the Cham culture. Hence, you will know the traditional clothes they wear and how they live the daily life when watching the Cham girls showcasing the routine activities.


We then transfer you back to Da Nang city and enjoy a nice lunch in a local restaurant.

Marble Mountains

My Son Sanctuary Marble Mountains Private Day Tour Da Nang


Keep going on our My Son Sanctuary Marble Mountains Private Day Tour from Da Nang, we then transfer you to Thuy Son (Water Mountain) then sightseeing this place.

So, we will take the elevator up and wander around the mountain and visit Xa Loi Pagoda with 7 storeys. Continue with a visit to Linh Ung Temple and Tang Chon Cave.

Marble Mountains got many slippery steps so we will walk up steps and sightseeing Van Thong Cave as well as Huyen Khong Cave which is the best, the nicest cave of the area.

As you climb up few stairs then you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Marble district and the view of Co Co river close by. Visiting the Huyen Khong Cave, our local tour guide gives you more details about the battle that happened around the mountains in 1960′ and the bravery of the local people when using this cave as a hiding place.

Drop off

We then end the day tour with transfer back to the hotel. Our My Son Sanctuary Marble Mountains Full Day Tour from Da Nang is coming to an end here. We wish you have a pleasant trip with us.

What this tour is designed for?

My Son Sanctuary ( Vietnam ) -6 | Duc | Flickr

Explore surrounding areas of Da Nang city and about culture, history of Cham people

With excursions to historic temples, ruins, and holy location like My Son Sanctuary, this tour provides insights into Vietnam’s rich history and culture and deepens one’s understanding of the past of the area.

Besides, you will have a chance to know about the Cham’s rich culture – one of 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam. Witnessing how they built the temples inside the jungle and their connection with Hindu culture in India is so interesting.

And how the Cham worshipped so many Lingas and Yonis in My Son Holy Land. From the story of tour guide, you will see how the Cham people prayed for their best wishes and a wish for abundance in their daily life.

Know about the history of war in 1960’s around Marble Mountains

Joining private day tour to My Son Sanctuary Marble Mountains from Da Nang, one will know more history of Marble Mountains, the fighting of hero Nguyen Hanh Son, the battle of a female company in fierce fight in 1972 to liberate Da Nang region from South Vietnam regime. In addition, when visiting Huyen Khong Cave, one not only admires the magnificent beauty of the cave but one can remember the war and see how the local people hiding here back then. From that, one can understand the right fighting of the local Vietnamese people.

Adventure trip from Da Nang

This tour is not only about the history but it gives you an opportunity to do adventure by yourself, trekking through the jungle and climb stairs at Marble Mountains. Hence, it is a good exercise and make you love more the nature of Vietnam.

Why choose this private day trip from Phong Nha Pioneer Travel?

My Son Sanctuary Marble Mountains Day Tour Da Nang


Private tour with private vehicle and tour guide

Be part of the trip to Marble Mountains My Son Tour from Phong Nha Pioneer Travel, we assure that we will provide you with an expert who was born and locally raised with an intense knowledge of the local culture, giving you an overall exciting trip.

In this full day tour from Da Nang, we will give you a private tour guide and private car or mini van with cold water and tissues. Besides, our driver who drives safely and an attentive tour guide service to make sure you will have the best memories with us.

More time to explore and take pictures

As this is a private tour then you are escorted by the local guide with a sense of humor, an indeed friend who will always be by your side and take for you some of the best pictures. Thus, you have more time to relax and walk at your slow pace if you wish.

Hassle free tour services

At Phong Nha Pioneer Travel, we are committed to giving you a free hassle service. Hence, our guide will take you to every place that you want in a slow tour manner.

Nice lunch in a local restaurant

We are sure in giving you a nice local restaurant for this trip then you can sample of authentic Vietnamese food.

Where to book tour?

If you are in Da Nang or local areas, kindly contact or whatsapp us at +84 979613777 for the best day trip of Marble Mountains and My Son Holy Land Tour from Da Nang. We are online 24/7 so you can text us or call us anytime that suits you.

Price, tour inclusions, tour exclusions?

My Son Sanctuary Marble Mountains Full Day Tour Da Nang


For the best quote, please submit your email to or whatsapp us at +84 979613777  for the best price of the trip.

Tour inclusions

  • English tour guide
  • Vehicle with experienced driver
  • Water and tissues
  • Entrance tickets
  • Lunch

Tour exclusions

  • Tipping for guide and driver
  • Travel insurance
  • Soft drinks and beverages
  • Things not mentioned above

Some Notes when doing this tour?

Marble Mountains My Son Sanctuary Private Day Tour Da Nang

Enjoyable trip to Marble Mountains Da Nang

In dry season

Bring sun lotion, sun glasses and insect spray with you. My Son Sanctuary is very hot from April to end of July

In rainy season

Marble Mountains got many steep steps so please wear suitable walking shoes. Bring umbrella and rain coats with you. My Son Sanctuary can be heavily raining due to storms and monsoon season that lasts from September till end of February.


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Question (Q): Can Marble Mountains for the elderly?

Answer (A): Yes. It is possible for the elderly but it has many steps so please be careful.

Q: What will happen if it rains?

A: Phong Nha Pioneer Travel organizes the trip even if it rains. However, if the weather is so bad, we have to cancel the tour. We will let you know either by whatsapp or email one day in advance.

Q: How long is the tour?

A: This is a full day trip so it lasts from 8:30 a.m in the morning and finish by 16:00 at the hotel.

Q: Can small kids join the tour?

A: Yes. Your children can take part in this trip but please watch them while climbing steps at Marble Mountains.

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