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Things to do in Phong Nha


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Phong Nha Introduction

As you know, Phong Nha National Park is a well known toursit place in Quang Binh province. Since it was listed as UNESCO Heritage in 2003, the park is attracting a lot more of tourists coming from many countries, turning it into one of the main tourist spots on the map of Vietnam tourism. Thus, Phong Nha is known as a place of caves, grottoes in Vietnam.

things to do in phong nha

Phong Nha National Park

There are many things to do in Phong Nha but we suggest you to do things as follows:

1.Biking around Bong lai valley

First, it will be unforgettable memory when visitors come to Phong Nha area. You can book tour from the hotel or travel agent or just cycle by yourself through small rough lanes of villages in Phong Nha, discovering the daily life of people. Then shoot some beautiful pictures of Phong Nha as the dawn is going down. Ending the trip with a glass cool beer or enjoy roasted chicken or simply feed some ducks with food around your legs. You will have a great fun here.

2. Trekking through a jungle

Second, it will be a definitely must do thing when you come to Phong Nha National Park. Let’s choose a nice day to start trekking through jungles, streams, lakes, farms in Phong Nha. Hence, this is a good trip for those who want to love the nature and want to know fauna and flora system in Phong Nha. Besides, let’s come to Phong Nha Nature Preservation Center in Phong Nha to know more about some species of plants and animals they grow here.

3. Challenge with activities in Dark cave

Third, this cave is a really good sport to do some water sports. In rainy days, water rises up and a bit muddy so you just do ziplining instead. If not, visitors can have a 400m ziplining across Chay river to reach cave entrance and walk inside the cave with headlights and ending with a mud bathing in a small lake. Then coming out and play sports on the river as well as do kayaking or just swimming will be interesting thing you can do in Dark cave. For more, let’s contact us here.

4. A trip on legendary Ho Chi Minh Trail

As you have time, you can book the tour with a local agent or contact us for the tour. Thus, the trip will tell you more stories about bloody battles in the war and follow the historic Ho Chi Minh trail – strategic trail in Vietnam war. Coming to Eight lady cave to visit and have a deep respect for them who were trapped in the cave after a bomb dropping.

5. Relax by a stream

Moreover, on your free day, just relax by a cool stream or swimming on Chay river are also the things to do in Phong Nha. You can cycle through small bamboo bridges and take some pictures of little churches lying on two banks of the river.

things to do in phong nha

Outstanding scenery in Phong Nha Park

6. Conquer Tu Lan cave

Furthemore, if you have more time, let’s discover Tu Lan cave, this is one thing you can try when you are here. With 2 days/1 night tour, you will stay in the tent first night in Ken cave before moving further in Tu Lan cave on the 2nd day. Slippery rocks together with steep and dangerous mountains seem to be an exciting experience to this cave.

7. Tent camping inside En cave

Also, next to Son Doong cave, En cave is supposed to be the third biggest cave in the wolrd. And this is one of the best caves of Phong Nha Park with subterranean river and unique ecological system. Discovering En cave and camping inside this cave will be an option for you if you can not go in Son Doong cave.

8. New discovery in Phong Nha – Va cave

Next, Let’s adventure Va Cave – founded in 2012 and put it into operation in 2015, Va cave is the newest subterranean river in Phong Nha area. The trip to this cave is a very big challenge for visitors when they have to use a rope walk and a chain, basic tools for mountain climbers.

9. Phong Nha and Paradise cave adventure

Finally, coming to Phong Nha park, it will be a huge miss if visitors do not visit Phong Nha cave. First, taking a motor boat on Son river with picturesque scenery on two banks of the river and go inside the cave to admire stlactites and stalagmites. Then the visitors will feel to love nature more. Besides, Paradise is an underground palace with spectacular creation of the nature that everyone wants to explore as well. For this tour, let’s contact us for more details.

How to contact to do things in Phong Nha Park?

So, if you travel to Phong Nha National Park and would like to find a tour operator to do things in Phong Nha, do not hesitate to contact us as follows:

Phong Nha Pioneer Travel


Whatsapp/Viber: 0084 979613777 (Mr.Viet)

We are honored to serve and will be at your service 24/7.

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