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Half Day Hoi An Countryside Vespa Tour


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Situated in the center of Vietnam, the rural areas of Hoi An offer a tranquil haven for tourists from the hectic metropolis. The magnificent scenery, steeped in history and culture, is created by lush green fields, meandering rivers, and medieval towns. A view of real country life that you can enjoy is to take Hoi An Vespa Tour down small lanes past water buffalo, rice farms, and historic temples. Visiting some of the old aged traditional crafts is for those looking for a deeply immersive cultural experience. Hence, Hoi An’s countryside Half Day Vespa Tour is a must-visit because of its ageless appeal and peaceful atmosphere.


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To begin our Half Day Hoi An Countryside Vespa Tour, the guide and Vespa driver from Phong Nha Pioneer Travel will come to meet you up and then we will begin our adventure trip exploring hidden charms of Hoi An.


Cam Kim island is a small tranquil lying in outskirts of Hoi An. This is a farming area where the local people grow many kinds of vegetables and herbs. In addition, they still remain many traditional jobs that have been handed down from their generations.

Thus, our Vespa driver and tour guide will help you explore this lovely islet. Begin our trip with a stop at a rice paper making family. Hence, you will learn many ways in making rice noodles from soaking rice in water, grinding into rice four, pouring the mixture in the hot cloth steam oven and put the cap over and then lift it up. Since then, you will be happy and feel it really interesting that you have never seen in your country.

Hoi An Countryside Vespa Tour

Learn how to make rice paper in Hoi An

Besides, the owner would like to show around their house and you can know the daily life of the people.  Thus, they not only make rice noodle but also raise the animal like chickens and pigs. Having a conversation with the family and understand more their habits and culture.

Next, our Vespa Tour Hoi An Countryside in 4 hours will take you to visit a local family where they weave sleeping mats. On arrival in their house, you really get insight into their culture. Look at them and you will see how hard their life is as they have to weave by hands. According to the family, they have been doing this profession for 30 years and it is the only income for the family. Sitting down with them and you will learn how to weave threads of weeds in colorful colors to make a sleeping mat.

Half Day Hoi An Countryside Vespa Tour

Vintage Vespa Tour Hoi An

Stroll around their home and you will see their daily routine and share some interesting stories with them arises emotion and sharing their hardship.

Next activity in our 4 – hour Vespa journey is to pay a visit to a wood carving factory. As you know, the craftsmen here have been contributing their job to the restoration of the old town of Hoi An. Established in the 16th century, the village has been widely known for their exquisite carving works, making a lot of wood furniture shipping all around Vietnam.

Half Day Vespa Tour Hoi An

Tourists learn how to do wood works in Hoi An

Have a sit with them learning how to carve the wood by your hands, carving your name on a piece of wood that you can bring home. Furthermore, we can wander around some of the workshops and visit an inlay mother of pearl family business.

Therefore, they begin with selecting high-quality mother of pearl shells. These shells are carefully sourced for their color, iridescence, and thickness, ensuring the best material for the inlay work.

In the next step, they will do cleaning and preparation mother of pearl shells to remove any dirt, debris. They continue to design and then cutting the shells, place them into the wood and use glue to stick them and polish them by hands to have a final product. Visiting this mother of pearl inlay enables to help you understand more their unique work that not many people can do it.

In a warm weather in our Half Day Vespa Tour Hoi An, Phong Nha Pioneer Travel offers you a nice cup of Vietnamese coffee. Sitting somewhere near the river bank, sipping a nice Vietnamese coffee cup will beat up the heat and cool you down. Having a conversation with our local tour guide and driver to know our daily job.


4 Hour Hoi An Countryside Vespa Tour

Experience Basket Boat Ride in Hoi An

Move on our Vespa Venture, we are then heading to Cam Thanh Water Coconut Village. Cam Thanh Water Coconut Village, which is close to Hoi An, Vietnam is well known for its basket boat activity and fishing. Sailing across the serene canals, you will glide through the tranquil waterways, surrounded by lush mangrove forests and traditional fishing villages. Guided by skilled locals, you will learn basket boat maneuvering techniques and gain insight into the area’s eco-friendly lifestyle. It’s a unique opportunity to connect with nature, explore local culture, and enjoy the serene beauty of Vietnam’s countryside in our Vespa trip.


We then enjoy lunch in a local restaurant with signature of Hoi An’s cuisines.


Eventually, our guide and drivers will drop you off at the hotel. Our Half Day Hoi An Countryside Vespa Tour is coming to an end here. Phong Nha Pioneer Travel wish you have a great time with us.


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Take an exciting 4-hour Vespa trip in Hoi An to experience the fusion of culture and adventure. Visit a local rice noodle manufacturing workshop to see how this essential Vietnamese treat is traditionally made. This is the first stop on your adventure. Next, spend time studying from master weavers who have honed their technique over many generations as you immerse yourself in the complex art of sleeping mat weaving.

Visit a wood carving workshop to extend the adventure and marvel at the elaborate designs and methods that have been passed down through the decades. After that, be ready for an exciting basket boat ride through Cam Thanh Water Coconut Village’s scenic canals.

Throughout the tour, knowledgeable guides will enthrall you with stories about regional history and traditions, providing you with a greater appreciation of the rich cultural legacy of Hoi An. You’ll get a fresh appreciation for the artistry and customs that characterize this energetic city with each visit. Prepare yourself for an incredible voyage full of thrills, discoveries, and real-life Vietnamese encounters.


1.400.000 VND per person (one million four hundred thousand Vietnam Dong) or 55 US$ (fifty five American dollars)


4 Hour Vespa Tour Hoi An

Vespa Vintage Tour Hoi An: a must – do trip for everyone


  • Vintage vespa vehicle
  • Driver
  • English speaking guide
  • Entrance tickets
  • Visit rice paper making family, sleeping mat, wood carving, basket boat tour
  • Water and tissues


  • Personal expenses
  • Soft drinks and beers
  • Tipping for guide and driver

Things to bring

  • Caps/Hats
  • Sun lotion
  • Insect spray


4 Hour Hoi An Rural Vespa Tour

4 Hour Hoi An Rural Vespa Tour

If you come to Hoi An Vietnam and would like to uncover the beauty of Hoi An Countryside, please contact us as follows:

Premium Travel Vietnam Tourism Co., Ltd


Whatsapp: +84 979613777 (Mr. Viet)

We are happy to give you the most enjoyable and everlasting memories by our Vintage Vespa Tour.


Half Day Hoi An Vintage Vespa Tour

Half Day Hoi An Vintage Vespa Tour

Question (Q): What’s activities included in the tour itinerary?

Answer (A): Join in this tour, you will visit rice paper making family business, sleep mat weaving, wood carving workshop, basket boat ride.

Q: Who is suitable for this trip?

A: People at all ages can participate in this tour. However, we advise middle aged people and young children who will be best suitable for this trip. For the elderly over 70 years old, it is quite hard for a long hour trip and find it hard balanced on the back of Vespa Tour.

Q: What should I wear in this trip?

A: For 4 hour Vespa Hoi An Countryside Tour, we recommend you to wear Easy & comfortable clothing and footwear. Thus, shoes or sandals would be sufficient for the short walk if required.

Q: Is it safe to do the trip

A: We make sure that no big injuries or accidents will happen. We always tell our Vespa driver to drive slowly and they are well trained and professional.


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